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Why Chiropractic Care?


In chiropractic care, we don't just treat symptoms, we treat the WHOLE BODY! Chiropractic treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Our nervous system is the communication between our brain and the rest of the body. When this communication is interrupted (i.e. misalignments in the spine, or subluxations) our body cannot communicate accurately. These miscommunications can manifest themselves in different conditions, such as digestive upset, headaches, pain in joints (shoulders, hips, knees, etc), impaired movement patterns, and even chronic ear infections in children! 

Chiropractic care is a holistic, non-invasive way to treat these common health conditions, and many more! In a chiropractic adjustment, force is applied to a specific spinal segment. By correcting misalignments in the spine, the nervous system is restored to its proper function and, therefore, allowing your body to heal naturally!


Is Chiropractic treatment safe? 

Yes! Chiropractic care is safe for adults and children! Chiropractic care is the largest, non-invasive, drugless and safest forms of healthcare available. Chiropractic is recognized as one of safest drug-free therapies for neuromuscular complaints.  

Will my insurance cover treatment? 

Most major medical insurance plans include benefits for chiropractic care. However, each plan varies. We are happy to verify your insurance benefits and estimate the cost of your care. Please note that this does not guarantee coverage. 

How long before my symptoms are alleviated? 

Many patients experience immediate relief, however, some do experience some mild soreness or stiffness. This usually dissipates within 24 hours. 

What is a subluxation? 

Simply put, a subluxation is a misalignment of a vertebrae(s) in the spine. This can cause disrupted nerve function and pain. The goal of chiropractic care is to correct misalignments in the spine to allow the nervous system to function properly, as well as to alleviate many symptoms like Headache, neck pain, back pain, arm pain/ tingling, and leg pain/ tingling.

What is that popping sound when an adjustment is delivered? 

The sound you hear during an adjustment are your joints releasing pockets of gases. A chiropractic adjustment improves joint motion which then allows improved spinal alignment. Adjustments also help in the foot, knee, shoulders, wrists, hands, elbows, and HIPS.

​How long will my visits take? 

Most first-visits take approximately 30 minutes. Follow-up visits take much less time, typically 10-20 minutes. 

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