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What to Expect


As a new patient, your first and second appointment will differ from your regular treatment appointments. Here you will find an outline of what you can expect from those appointments.

Consultation & Examination

The doctor will meet with you to discuss your concerns and the issues which brought you to our office.  
In order to determine how to properly treat you, you will be asked questions related to the effected area, as well as your health history.
The doctor will perform a physical examination, which may include orthopedic, neurological, and/chiropractic tests.
If necessary, x-rays will be taken. 

Treatment Recommendations

After your initial consultation, we will invite you back to our office for your Report of Findings.  During this appointment, your x-rays will be reviewed (if applicable) as well as your diagnosis.  
You will be given treatment recommendations as well as your initial treatment, which may include spinal manipulations, physiotherapy, soft tissue techniques, exercises, and/ or other conservative treatments.  Treatment recommendations are based on patient history, clinical findings, our experience, and the best available scientific evidence.
We will also review your insurance benefits and estimation of treatment cost.  

Lifestyle Changes

At times, lifestyle changes or adjustments are recommended to better support your care.  This may include at-home stretches or exercises, nutritional recommendations, instructions regarding work restrictions and activities to avoid that may aggravate your condition. 

Follow-Up Care

Based on our findings and treatment recommendations, your first phase of treatment will begin with 2-3 appointments per week. 

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