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Leg Pain

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If chronic leg pain limits you or you find it difficult to move because of persistent knee pain, experienced chiropractors, Thomas Donahue, DC, and David Sampson, DC, can help. At Back to Health, LLC, in Hilliard, Ohio, the chiropractic team uses the latest, evidence-based therapies to resolve pain and improve leg and knee health. You can also enjoy the benefits of massage therapy and acupuncture sessions on-site to support your overall health and wellness. Find out more about treating leg and knee pain with routine chiropractic care by calling Back to Health, LLC, or by requesting an appointment online now.

Leg Pain Q & A

What causes leg pain?

Acute pain in your legs and knees may be the result of direct trauma from a fall or sports-related injury. When chronic pain develops in your legs or knees, it may be due to age-related changes in the bones or muscles or because of underlying health conditions.

For many, chronic leg and knee pain is the result of conditions like:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle strains
  • Joint inflammation

You can also experience knee and leg pain when your knee joint isn’t properly aligned or when a degenerative joint condition is putting pressure on surrounding nerves.

While anyone can develop leg pain, those who are physically active in sports and other high-impact activities may be at increased risk for developing chronic leg and knee pain. Your risk factors for pain may also increase if you’re obese or have underlying health conditions, like diabetes.

What can I expect during chiropractic treatments for leg pain?

During your chiropractic visit, your Back to Health, LLC provider takes time to review your medical history, your lifestyle, and any diagnosis you have related to leg or knee pain. Based on this information, your chiropractor creates a treatment plan that focuses on relieving pain by addressing its root cause.

Treating leg and knee pain may involve gentle chiropractic adjustments to the joints in your spine and hips. These adjustments ensure proper alignment of your spine and increased blood circulation to your entire body. Efficient blood flow is important for repairing soft tissue damage and assisting your body in healing naturally.

Routine chiropractic adjustments keep your spine in proper alignment and can take the pressure of nerves in your knees and legs that may be causing your pain. Releasing compressed nerves through chiropractic manipulations also reduces inflammation and irritation that contributes to chronic pain.

How can I prevent chronic leg and knee pain?

In addition to providing high-quality chiropractic treatments, the team at Back to Health, LLC provides support and guidance to help you make lifestyle changes to reduce the frequency and severity of leg and knee pain.

Your Back to Health, LLC provider works closely with you on dietary and exercise plans that keep your leg healthy and strong. They can also recommend ways to increase your athletic performance and prevent injuries if you regularly participate in sports.

Combining regular chiropractic care with massage therapy or acupuncture can also enhance blood circulation in your legs to keep you pain-free and fully mobile.

Learn how chiropractic treatments can relieve acute and chronic leg and knee pain by calling Back to Health, LLC today, or by requesting an appointment online.