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Neck Pain

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Chiropractors located in Hilliard, OH

Thomas Donahue, DC, and David Sampson, DC, are experienced chiropractors who understand the limitations of chronic neck pain. At Back to Health, LLC, in Hilliard, Ohio, the chiropractic team customizes care plans that focus on easing existing neck pain and preventing additional health complications. In combination with massage therapy and acupuncture, the Back to Health, LLC staff work to enhance your range of motion and strengthen your neck muscles for long-term relief of pain. Schedule a consultation at Back to Health, LLC today to learn more about chiropractic care for neck pain.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Acute neck pain is a common side effect of muscle tension and strains, and chronic use of computers and other electronic devices may contribute to persistent pain. You can also experience frequent neck pain if you have poor posture or a misalignment in your spine.

Chronic neck pain may develop due to degenerative conditions, like arthritis, or because of compression on the nerves in the cervical, or upper spine.

Chronic neck pain may also be a result of direct neck trauma from a fall, sports-related injury, or an auto accident.

How does chiropractic care treat neck pain?

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for acute and chronic neck pain. Your Back to Health, LLC provider initially reviews your medical history and your lifestyle habits to pinpoint the cause of neck pain.

Your chiropractor creates a treatment plan that focuses on easing existing neck pain and preventing a worsening of your condition. Through a series of manual manipulations of the spine and surrounding soft tissues, your provider can improve mobility and align the vertebrae in your cervical spine. This increases blood flow to the area to promote natural healing. Restoring the normal functional curve lost through text neck, student syndrome, and other flexion focused activities is important to your health and well being.

Based on your needs, your Back to Health, LLC provider recommends additional chiropractic adjustments to ensure your spine is always in alignment. They can also suggest alternative therapies to reduce your risk for a worsening of your pain or underlying health condition.

What other treatments are available for neck pain?

The chiropractic team at Back to Health, LLC works closely with the on-staff massage therapist and an experienced acupuncture specialist. Your provider may suggest regular massages or acupuncture to boost your overall health.

Both massage therapy and acupuncture support good mental and physical health by reducing stress and muscle tension and boosting the circulation of blood to your upper cervical spine.

In addition to chiropractic care, massages, and acupuncture, the experienced chiropractic team offers guidance to help you make necessary changes to your lifestyle and diet that supports good health. Your provider can teach you stretching techniques to keep your neck flexible and suggests ways to improve your posture, especially when you work at a desk for long periods.

Don’t ignore chronic neck pain. Schedule a chiropractic consultation at Back to Health, LLC today by using the online booking feature, or by calling the office.