We’ve Got Your Back! Poll Shows Chiropractic Treatment Viewed Positively

We’ve Got Your Back! Poll Shows Chiropractic Treatment Viewed Positively

Have you ever heard of Gallup polls? Chances are, you probably have. The Gallup, Inc. analytics company has been surveying Americans on a wide variety of topics since 1935. A recent poll tackled the topic of chiropractic care, and showed that public perception of it was generally positive. A Galloway, OH chiropractor discusses some highlights of the poll below.


Chiropractic care is very safe, and the poll results showed that public opinion of it reflects that. One interesting finding was that over half of U.S. adults (61%) replied that they “strongly agree” or “agree somewhat” that chiropractic care is effective at treating neck and back pain. 

Neck/Back Pain Prevalence

Neck and back pain is, unfortunately, quite common among American adults. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. About a third of those surveyed said a chiropractor would be their first choice for treating back pain. Roughly half said they would visit a chiropractor if other methods didn’t help. 


Just over half (51%) of those surveyed had been to a chiropractor at some point in their lives. Twelve percent had been within the past five years, and 14% had been within the last year. There was a strong commitment to ongoing care among those who had recently visited a chiropractor, with an average of 11 treatment sessions within the past year. 

High Quality Care

The overall impression of chiropractic treatments was positive. Three out of four people who had seen a chiropractor within the previous 12 months said that the treatment was very effective. The majority of those who had seen a chiropractor within the past five years—74%—said chiropractors are trustworthy, while 82 % said that we have their patients’ best interest in mind. 

Other Polls

If you want to learn more, you can read the Gallup poll here. However, that wasn't the only poll revealing a generally positive view of chiropractic care. A 2018 clinical trial of active-duty military personnel by JAMA Open Network showed that chiropractic care was more effective at relieving pain and reducing disability than medical care alone. 

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