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When people think of chiropractic medicine, they typically think of physical adjustments. But did you know that chiropractors can also provide nutritional support and guidance as well?

At Back to Health, we believe in treating the whole patient, and that includes eating a balanced diet that is formulated to bring health and wellness to the body. Combining nutritional counseling and supplements with other techniques, like joint manipulation and massage therapy, allows us to take a more holistic approach to patient care.

Disease Management

Many of the common conditions people seek chiropractic care for, such as arthritis and scoliosis, are inflammatory and/or autoimmune related. As such, certain dietary changes can help reduce and sometimes even eliminate symptoms like pain and inflammation. The experts at Back to Health can create a nutritional plan that is tailored to address your specific condition and designed to help you live a healthier life.

Vitamins and Supplements

Try as we might, very few of us are able to consistently meet all of our recommended nutritional requirements. To help bridge this gap, our doctors may recommend certain vitamins or supplements as part of your comprehensive nutritional program. As with all of our services, this plan will be personalized to meet your unique needs, lifestyle and health status. 

Contact the dedicated team at Back to Health today and let’s discuss how we can help improve your spinal and your nutritional health as well.

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