Chiropractic and Insomnia

Chiropractic and Insomnia

Are you having trouble sleeping? If so, you're certainly in good company. According to the American Sleep Association, as many as 70 million Americans have sleep issues. Did you know that chiropractic treatments may help you rest better? A Hilliard, OH chiropractor offers some more information on this below.


Sleep disorders are quite serious, as they can affect everything from your work performance, libido, and driving ability to your overall quality of life. People with sleep disorders can develop a variety of issues, including lower immunity, memory, and cognitive function; slower response times; and fatigue. Poor sleep has also been potentially linked to other issues, including weight gain, strokes, seizures, heart attacks, and high blood pressure. Some sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, which affects as many as 22 million Americans, can even be deadly.

Causes of Insomnia

There are actually many different reasons for sleep issues. An uncomfortable mattress and/or pillow can certainly be a factor. Other potential causes include drinking, smoking, stress, late night snacking, and caffeine intake. Pain and discomfort, whether caused by illnesses, injury, or chronic issues, can also play a role. Of course, sleeping issues can sometimes become a negative spiral: if you can't sleep because of pain, you may find yourself suffering more side effects as the lack of sleep begins to take its toll.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

Chiropractic care may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to seeking better sleep solutions. However, it actually can be very helpful. In fact, a study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 1 in 3 chiropractic patients reported better rest after treatment. Why does it work? Chiropractic care benefits the bodies in several ways, each of which can in turn improve sleep. First and foremost, it can reduce stiffness in the neck and back, and release the muscles. Reducing muscle tension is key to relaxing, which is of course key to falling asleep. Chiropractic treatments can also help reduce pain and discomfort; improve circulation; and boost the functioning of your spine and nerves. Overall, treatments can help you go to sleep more quickly, sleep more restfully, and stay asleep longer. 


Chiropractic treatment options are always determined on a case-by-case basis. Ask your chiropractor for more information.

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