Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Treatment for Sports Injuries

Do you enjoy sports? Are you an athletic type, who perhaps likes jogging or martial arts? Most people understand that there is always a risk of injury with any type of athletics. What’s less commonly known is the fact that chiropractic care can be very effective at both preventing and treating sports injuries. A Hilliard, OH chiropractor offers some insights on this below.

Sports Injuries

The neck and back can definitely take a beating in sports. We often see these types of injuries with full-contact sports, such as football, hockey, and soccer. Swimmers can injure themselves through hyperextension, while weight lifters can sometimes hurt themselves by doing too many repetitions, using improper stance, and/or over-lifting. It’s not just super-active folks that are at risk. Even golfers, bowlers, and tennis players can 'tweak' their backs going for that perfect score. Neck and back injuries can be painful, debilitating, and frightening. This type of pain can really permeate every aspect of one's life, and can severely impact one’s quality of life. 

Neck and back injuries aren't the only common problems we see in athletes. Some others include shoulder pain, wrist and elbow injuries, carpal tunnel (or tennis elbow, as it's sometimes called), sprained ankles, knee pain, and rotator cuff injuries. 

How Chiropractic Care Helps

As you may know, chiropractic treatments realign the spine. By doing so, they facilitate proper communication between your brain and the rest of your body. This also improves circulation, just as removing a kink from a hose would improve water flow. That increased circulation and nerve function in turn helps the body release healing hormones, oxygenate cells, and eliminate toxins. Additionally, chiropractic treatments can relieve stiffness and pain, reduce muscle tension, and increase flexibility and range of motion. Having your neck and back properly aligned also can also help prevent future injuries. Plus, it just feels great! Finally, chiropractic care works very well with massage. Massage is a godsend to many athletes, as they often work their muscles to—and beyond—the point of fatigue.


When it comes to sports injuries, an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure. It's important to listen to your body, follow safety precautions, and know your limits. Keep yourself strong and flexible by stretching regularly and practicing good posture. 

Are you dealing with—or trying to prevent—a sports injury? Contact us, your Hilliard OH chiropractic clinic, today!

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