Protecting Your Back Through Ergonomics

Protecting Your Back Through Ergonomics

If you work in front of a computer, you've likely heard the term ergonomics. The goal of ergonomics is to prevent soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal disorders caused by repetitive strain and long hours of sitting still. Making sure that your workstation is properly set up is very important! Over time, sitting in an improper position can lead to back strain, muscle strain, headaches, and even blood clots. A chiropractor offers tips on setting your work station up properly in this article.


A keyboard tray is generally going to give you a better angle than putting the keyboard on top of your desk. You shouldn’t have to angle your hands up or down to type properly. You also shouldn't have to lean forward to type.


Make sure that the monitor is the right distance from and angle to your eyes. If you reach your arms out while sitting in your chair, the screen should be no more than two inches away from your fingertips. Any further or closer, and you may find yourself leaning forward or back. Alignment is also important. If you’re constantly looking up or down, you will strain your neck. One way to quickly check this is to look straight ahead. Your eyes should naturally align with the top of the computer screen.


Poor lighting can also cause problems, including eye strain and headaches. Office lighting shouldn't be too bright or too dark. You may find that combining both incandescent and fluorescent lights hits that sweet spot.

Preventative Care

As you may have heard, sitting all day is really, really bad for your health. Take preventative measures to stop back and neck issues from developing. Chiropractic care and massage can both help with this. Chiropractic treatments focus on realigning the vertebrae, while massage reduces muscle stiffness and tension. Both options help increase mobility, reduce pain and stiffness, and improve circulation.

Chiropractic Options

If you sit for long hours, you may find that, over time, you become increasingly stiff and sore. You may want to consider chiropractic treatments. This can help keep your spine properly aligned, which can in turn help prevent many issues. Self-care is important, especially when it comes to your back. After all, you only get one spine!

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